Who we are

Nick Chandler

Managing Director

Established HiBreeds as the only dedicated UK hatching egg export company in 1998.

'The UK has outstanding natural biosecurity and it is no accident that the finest breeds of farm animals have been produced here'. Having worked for more than 30 years with the Primary Breeders Ross Breeders Limited (now Aviagen), I knew that the security of the Ross lines in particular offered long term opportunities for the developing world markets.

As a result of the knowledge of the Ross Breeds, HiBreeds has specialised in these strains and produces all its UK stock from high bio secure locations in Ulster, Scotland and East Anglia.

Nick Chandler studied poultry science at Kesteven Agricultural College. His background in primary poultry breeding began with bacteriology and mycoplasma eradication, before moving into the overseas technical and sales activities of Ross Breeders Limited.

As General Sales Manager, Nick Chandler travelled extensively for more than 27 years in the near and Middle East, Europe and Scandinavia, before setting up HiBreeds International Limited 16 years ago. 'Our industry is a small one, where many of us make long term friendships and where reputation is our most valuable asset'.

Nick Chandler

'Our industry is a small one, where many of us make long term friendships and where reputation is our most valuable asset.'

Laura Chandler BA (hons)

Commercial Director

Laura joined HiBreeds in 2007 from a background in mortgages.

Laura studied business administration at De Montfort University and gained a BA Hons. in business management before moving into finance as a qualified Mortgage Advisor and underwriter. As Commercial Director, Laura heads a team of specialists in banking and finance with 30 years of service to the company and HiBreeds has seen a fourfold growth in export turnover under her management.

During Laura's time at HiBreeds, the company received awards for outstanding cargo sales performance in 2007, 2013 and 2014, a second Queen's award in 2011 and again for a third time in 2015. The company was also awarded The British Chamber of Commerce Regional Exporter of the Year in 2013 for the Eastern Region.

Laura is currently responsible for export coordination and financial management of the Group business.